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What is DUI?

Drunk driving or "driving under the influence" (DUI) is sometimes called driving while intoxicated (DWI) and has two meanings:

First, DUI means driving with a blood alcohol level over the state's maximum permissible blood alcohol limit. As of May, 2007, the limit for adults is 0.08% in all 50 states in the United States.

Second, an adult may also be guilty of DUI or DWI for driving when his or her physical and/or mental abilities are adversely affected by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs.

In fact, according to the law, it makes absolutely no difference whether the drug is legal or illegal, prescription or over-the-counter.

If drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs negatively impacts an individual's reaction time, ability to judge distances, hearing, or his or her sight, or any other physical or mental ability used in driving, the person may be found guilty of a drunk driving offense.


Why Do I Need a DUI Lawyer?

DUI lawyers work within a specialized area of jurisprudence known as DUI criminal law.

DUI attorneys have access to legal techniques, research data, and information of which other lawyers may not be aware.

DUI attorneys understand the "system" and offer you a better chance of retaining your freedom than you would have by representing yourself.

Getting arrested for DUI can elicit feelings of depression, embarrassment, fear, and anger. Individuals from all walks of life have been arrested for DUI.

Keep in mind that the more control you take over in your life now, including educating yourself about current DUI laws, the greater peace of mind you will probably experience after your DUI.

Due to the fact that you are in a vulnerable circumstance, you need to consult with a DUI lawyer you can trust and who will "fight" for your legal rights.

Having a DUI attorney plead your case can greatly increase the possibility that you will receive a reduced sentence and stay out of jail.

Today, due to the pressures of numerous entities that are outraged with the personal and social irresponsibility of people who continue to drink while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both, judges, through the vehicle of stricter fines and more stringent penalties, are sending a clear message that such acts of irresponsibility will not be tolerated.

In this "political" climate, it would appear to make a lot of sense for you to consider hiring a DUI attorney for your "drunk driving" arrest.

Have you been charged with DUI? A local DUI lawyer may be able to help you fight the charges against you and save your driver's license.


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