Alcohol Detox and Alcohol Withdrawal


By Jonathan Huttner

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is a direct by product of alcoholism, alcohol addiction and alcohol dependency and occurs when the use of alcohol is discontinued. It is unavoidable, but the degree of discomfort one experiences is manageable. 

Due to the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal, which can range from anxiety, nausea and sweats to tremors, convulsions and seizures, it is highly recommended alcohol withdrawal be managed in an alcohol detox program.

Due to the fear many alcoholics experience regarding alcohol withdrawal symptoms, they actually will make the decision to continue to drink alcoholically, rather than get sober.

This is generally because they have tried to detox from alcohol on their own and the alcohol withdrawal symptoms they experienced were very difficult to handle by themselves.


Many end up self medicating by drinking or taking other drugs to cope with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms and end up right where they started, drinking alcoholically.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox, is a process by which the alcohol withdrawal symptoms are medically managed, allowing the person suffering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism to become abstinent of alcohol.

Alcohol detox does not have to be a painful process. Alcohol detox generally takes place in a medically monitored alcohol rehab program, where medications are dispensed to reduce and sometimes eliminate the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal.

One of the most important reasons alcohol detox, should take place in a medically monitored alcohol detox unit, is many people going through alcohol detox may have additional medical problems.

While it is important to mange the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is equally important to treat any medical problems that are present. It is important to guard against alcohol withdrawal symptoms making an already difficult medical situation worse.

To find an effective and safe alcohol detox program or alcohol rehab program, you can feel free to call 1-800-99-DETOX, go to the links listed above or take a look at the national alcoholism resource website at


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